Short Term Disability Oklahoma

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Short-term disability in Oklahoma is there as a safety net for those who need help during difficult financial times.

The programs that are available will help you meet your basic needs while you have lost the ability to work, at least temporarily.

Most people who are receiving short-term disability assistance are so because of an injury or illness.

If you cannot work full time or at all due to an injury, accident, or illness, you may need to turn to short term disability to help make ends meet.

The programs will allow you to ensure your bills are being paid and your basic needs are being met, while you recover.

Once you are able to return to work you will no longer qualify for the short term assistance.


There is no limit to how many programs you can receive financial assistance from at one time.

It’s a good idea to apply for all the programs you feel you are qualified for, so you can maximize how much help you receive during this difficult time. These programs may also be able to refer you to additional helpful options that are local to your area.


Short Term Disability  in Oklahoma Programs


Health Choice

The state of Oklahoma offers a short-term disability program called Health Choice.

The program is open to those who work for the state, county, or city.

Short-term disability will provide up to 150 days of paid disability, with a monthly maximum amount that can be received of $2,500.

They do offer longer term disability, which will provide payments to cover 180 days, with a maximum of $3,000 per month. The amount you will receive is determined by your disability, years of service, and your age at the time of the disability.

You can get more information and apply for Health Choice online or in person.


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) –

This program is open to those who need short term financial assistance and live in the state of Oklahoma.

It is a federally funded program that is available to everyone who has a low income and has at least one minor child they are providing for in the home.

If you are approved you will receive a cash benefit each month that can be used to pay for any of your living expenses.

The cash is not a loan, so it never has to be paid back.

To qualify for the cash benefit, you have to be a legal citizen or legal non-citizen, and you will need to meet the low income requirements. The amount you receive each month will depend on how many dependents are in your family.

You can apply online or at your local human services office.


Additional Financial Assistance Options for Oklahoma Residents


With the costs of living on the rise, and inflation soaring, short-term disability might not be enough, if you are in a financial bind.

Other than applying for short-term disability, you can get help with paying for rent, food, and other necessities, by applying to the programs we have listed below.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Oklahoma

During the time that you need short-term disability, you may find it more difficult to purchase groceries.

Rather than trying to take money from other bills to purchase food, you can apply for SNAP.

This federally-funded program will provide you with funds each month to help pay for your groceries at the store or farmer’s market. The amount you receive depends on how many dependents are in your family. There is no time limit on how long you can receive a SNAP benefit.

You can receive them for as long as you are experiencing financial difficulty.

You will have to show you meet the low income requirements.

If you are approved, you will receive a debit-style card that is loaded each month with funds.

You can then use that card to pay for your groceries.

You can apply for food stamps in Oklahoma online or in person at your local human services office.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

If you have difficulty paying for your energy bills while you are on short term disability, you may be able to get help through LIHEAP. This program will help people by paying their heating or cooling bills.

You have to re-apply every season, and will need to keep meeting the low-income requirements in order to keep getting assistance.

If you only need it short term, you may not need to re-apply for more help.

If you are approved for assistance, they will pay your energy bill on your behalf, sending the funds directly to the energy provider.

You can apply for the program online.



Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

This program is important for those who are getting short term disability. The programs offered through this federally funded organization will help to pay for your rent.

It will also help you avoid foreclosure if you are a homeowner, and they will help with necessary home repair bills, such as on the heating system. If you need affordable housing options, they can also help with locating those, at times even being able to provide you with a government owned unit.

You will need to meet the low income requirements to get assistance from HUD in Oklahoma.

You can apply online or with your local HUD regional office.


Catholic Charities

This organization has locations around the state and helps people with a variety of financial issues.

The organization will help provide those in need with access to food, clothing, shelter, and more.

They do not usually have a difficult process that you have to go through in order to get help from them.

Contact the location closest to you to see what charitable programs they are offering that you may be able to use during your period of financial difficulty.


Salvation Army

Like Catholic Charities, this is another organization with locations around the state that will offer financial assistance during difficult times.

They provide people with programs that offer free hot meals, clothing, transportation vouchers, boxes of food, and more.

You will need to locate the Salvation Army that is closest to you to inquire about what helpful programs they offer in your area. They also do not usually have strict requirements for receiving their assistance. They are there to provide help to everyone who needs it.


Short Term Disability Claim got Denied – Now What?

If you need help with applying for short-term disability, or your application was denied, we recommend consulting with a short-term disability attorney in Oklahoma.

Here are some options:

A short-term disability attorney might help you get your claim approved, and get the money you deserve.

They are specifically useful if your claim got denied, or you have a more complex case.


The Bottom Line


If you are suffering from an injury or sudden illness that is preventing you from working and making ends meet, you should apply for short-term disability.

It will provide temporary relief, at least until you can get back on your feet.

Make sure you apply to the additional programs that we have mentioned in this post, so you can get additional financial help.

Browse our website for other available resources, such as disability grants for a new vehicle purchase, dental grants, and even free money for disabled people options.


We wish you all the health in the world, and hope that you get well soon!

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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