Low Income Housing for Disabled Persons

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The need for low income housing around the country continues to increase. This is especially true for those who are disabled, because they may have more difficulty with earning higher wages. The good news is that there are plenty of low income housing options for disabled persons. It’s just a matter of knowing what places to contact so that you can find housing that is more affordable.

Low income housing for disabled persons will provide those who need the assistance with safe living arrangements that are affordable. These programs are typically offered through the federal and state government, and are open to everyone who meets the qualifications. To qualify for the programs you typically need to have a low income.

Low Income Housing for Disabled Persons

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – HUD is a federal organization that has offices in each state around the country. The mission of HUD is to ensure that everyone who needs affordable housing has access to it. They will also help provide low income housing for disabled persons. They will help people who own or rent. If you are someone who is buying a house and having difficulty they may help you stay in your home. If you need a low income rental they will also help with that. To get assistance, contact the HUD office in your state to see what options are available.

Public Housing Agency – Every state in the country has a Public Housing Agency. Their goal is to help the public with finding affordable housing, as well as being able to pay for that housing. They will help provide low income housing for disabled persons. They can help you find affordable apartments, single family homes, and other housing options. They also offer other housing related assistance, such as weatherization and helping with repairs. To qualify, you will have to show that you meet the low income requirements. Contact the Public Housing Agency in your state to get started with the application for assistance.

Section 8 / Housing Voucher Program – This program is offered through the government and will help those with a low income to obtain affordable housing. Through this program disabled persons can obtain a housing unit owned by the government, or they can get a voucher to help pay for the rent on the place that they want to live in. To qualify for the program you have to have a low income, and the housing unit that you want to live in has to pass a safety inspection. Those who receive the voucher assistance will not get the funds sent to them. They will be paid directly to the landlord on your behalf. Apply with the Section 8 office in your state.

The Arc – This organization has a mission to help disabled persons to obtain low income housing around the country. They work with other agencies to also improve conditions when it comes to low income housing options. This includes working with the government to improve laws on the topic. Contact them directly to begin the process of receiving assistance.

National Low Income Housing Coalition – This organization focuses on helping people find affordable housing options. They will also help with low income housing for disabled persons. In addition to helping people individually, they work with the government to improve affordable housing options. Some of the programs that they work with include public housing options, the Housing Voucher Program, project based housing, Home Investment Partnership, housing tax credits, and more. Contact the organization for more information on getting housing assistance in your state.

In addition to these resources it is important to reach out to your local housing authority and local government offices. Many of them offer programs on a local level that will help you obtain low income housing for disabled persons. They have information regarding local low income units, rent assistance programs, and more. If they don’t offer the help right there, they should be able to point you in the direction of a local resource that will.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to also search for low income apartment complexes in your local community. Many of them can be found around the country. They tend to have a low income requirement that must be met in order to be considered for approval. They also do accommodate those with disabilities. With some of these units there may be a waiting list, but it’s a good idea to get your name on the list as soon as possible.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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