Rent Assistance for Disabled Adults

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Many people around the country struggle with paying for their monthly rent. This is understandable. After all, the costs keep rising, even though many people’s salaries may not be keeping up. Millions of people regularly need help paying for their rent and will need to turn to public programs for help. Those who need help can take comfort in knowing that there is rent assistance for disabled adults.

If you are a disabled adult it’s a good idea to know what rent assistance programs are available. They may come in handy if and when the time arises that you need help paying for the rent. The programs are often made available through the federal and local governments.

In addition to these programs, it’s a good idea to reach out to your local churches and non-profit organizations. If you need rent assistance on a short term basis they may be able to help you get caught up. Some of those national programs are listed below, but there are many that are in local communities that will also help with short term rent assistance for disabled adults.

Rent Assistance for Disabled Adults

Section 8 / Housing Voucher Program – This program is made possible through the federal government. The program will help people obtain affordable housing, as well as pay for their rent. If you already have housing but are in need of assistance paying for your rent then the Housing Voucher Program will be your best option. With this program you will be able to live where you want, but get vouchers sent to your landlord that will help to pay for your monthly rent. To be eligible for this program you have to meet the low income requirements, as well as be living in a housing unit that meets their safety standards. You can apply for this program at a Housing Voucher Program office in your state.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – When it comes to rent assistance for disabled adults your best option is to contact HUD. This federal organization was created to help people with their housing needs. They will help you pay our rent, obtain affordable housing, and even stay in your home if you are purchasing one and fall behind. Additionally, they will help you with various housing needs. These include repairs to your heating and cooling system, and providing weatherization services. If your home receives their free weatherization services they will make it more energy efficient, which means that your monthly energy bills will be reduced. There is a HUD office in each state, so contact the one in your state to begin the process of getting rent assistance.

Helping Hand Fund – This organization will help with rent assistance for disabled adults by providing grants. The grants can be used to help pay for your housing expenses. To qualify for rent assistance through the Helping Hand Fund you have to be at least two months behind on paying your rent. They will also help people with a deposit if they are trying to get affordable housing. You will have to meet some requirements, including being low income. If you need help with a deposit for your rental you will have to show that you have signed a 12-month lease. Their rent assistance program is available to people around the country. You can begin the application process online.

United Ministries – This non-profit organization will help with rent assistance for disabled adults. They work with numerous helpful programs around the country in order to help people with a variety of financial issues, including paying rent. You can contact them directly to get started it the process to obtain assistance.

Help Me Bounce – This organization pairs people who need financial assistance with those who are willing to provide it. There are millions of people in the country who want to help others, but they are not always sure how to go about doing it. Help Me Bounce finds the families that need support and then people who want to help can do so. This would include rent assistance for disabled adults. You can apply for rent assistance online. When applying, you will want to let the people know that you need rent assistance for disabled adults, how much rent assistance you are need of, and provide a photo.

You are not bound to only apply for one rent assistance program. You can apply for all those you feel you qualify for so you can see which ones will provide you with help.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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