How Much Can a Disabled Person Get in Food Stamps?

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how much can a disabled person get from food stamps


Those who are disabled may find it more difficult to earn money.

There are jobs that are open to people with disabilities, but some may be difficult to do, depending on the person’s special needs. From our research, even disabled business owners may suffer financial hardships.

According to statistsa, in 2021, around 20% of people with disabilities were under the poverty line.

This often leads disabled persons to need additional sources of income or funding to help ensure their basic needs are being met. Many people wonder how much a disabled person can get on food stamps.

The food stamp program is a good place to turn if you are someone who is disabled who is in need of help paying for or obtaining food. The goal of the food stamp program is to ensure that people who need help obtaining food get it.

It is a federally funded program that is available to people all across the country, including those who are disabled and meet the low-income requirements.


How Much Can I get in Food Stamps, as a Disabled Person?

While it depends on the state you line in, the average amount for food stamps around the country is $241 for a household, in 2023.

The maximum amount of food stamps that a disabled individual can receive anywhere in the country is $250 per month. 

We realize that this sum is extremely low and can be very difficult to live on, we highly recommend that you apply to other cash assistance programs as well.

There is no set amount that someone will receive, because it may differ by state, location, income, and other factors that are subjective to one’s case. However, there is an average that is given out in food stamps in each state around the country.

For example, the average amount of food stamps someone receives in the state of Florida is $153 per month for an individual or $252 for a household.

In the state of Georgia, just over the border from Florida, the individual rate is $242 and the household amount is $487. In the state of Hawaii, where groceries tend to cost more, the average that an individual receives in food stamps is $559, and a household gets $968.

As you can see, how much a disabled person gets in food stamps each month is going to greatly vary depending on the state they live in.

If you live in a state that has a higher average then you will be at the top end of the payment scale, but if you are in a state where the payment is lower then you will not receive as much.


Food Stamp Eligibility for Disabled Persons

One of the most important things people want to know about this type of assistance is if you are even eligible for food stamps, as a disabled person, or a parent to a disabled child.

The short answer is, it depends on your financial situation. In order to apply for food stamps, you need to be below the federal poverty line.

We couldn’t state a specific number because the criteria changes every year, for 2022 it was $18,310 for a family with 2 persons in their household.

For 2023, the criteria wasn’t published yet, so check this page out in the future for the updated numbers.


What You Should Know About the Food Stamp Program

In order to qualify for food stamps, you will need to prove that you have a low income.

If you feel you have a low income and need assistance obtaining food you can apply for food stamps in your state. Most states will allow you to begin the application process online.

You have to apply to the state that you live in.

Once you apply, it typically takes 30 days before you receive a response as to whether or not you have been approved for the program.

If you need food assistance right away you may be eligible to receive emergency assistance within 7 days.

Those who are approved for the food stamp program will receive a SNAP benefits card, which looks like a debit card.

This can be used at the grocery store to pay for your food.

The length of time that you will be able to receive food stamps is determined by the state once you are approved.

They will inform you of how long you will receive it, and then when that expires, you can re-apply to see if you still meet the qualifications.

In most areas of the country, people have to register for work in order to continue receiving food stamp benefits.

Those who are disabled will likely not have to meet those work registration requirements.

The work requirements are typically only for those who are considered able-bodied.

By providing information that you are disabled you will be able to have that requirement waived and be able to continue receiving the monthly benefit as long as your income doesn’t increase above the threshold.

While people typically call the program food stamps, the real name of it is called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

For many years, the program was called the food stamp program, but it was officially changed under the Obama Administration.

The name of the program was changed to help people avoid the stigma of receiving assistance to purchase food. The program is the same, only the name changed, but most people still refer to it as food stamps.

To apply for food stamps through SNAP, click here.


Where Can I Use My Food Stamps?

Food stamps can be used in multiple grocery stores and pharmacies. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores (such as Walmart and Publix)
  • Pharmacies, like Walgreens and cvs
  • Gas stations
  • Local food stores

As you can see, food stamps can be extremely useful if you are disabled and are in need of financial help.

While its not suitable for housing expenses, we did create a list of grants that can help you with paying your rent, if you need help with that as well.


The Bottom Line

As a disabled person, you might be eligible to receive food stamps, which can help with your financial situation.

Especially in times of recession, we understand that these food stamps might not be enough, and encourage you to apply to other grants and options that we have listed on our website.

Please share this resource with others so we can help others.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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