Pennsylvania Housing Assistance for Disabled

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As the cost of housing continues to rapidly rise around the country, it leaves many people struggling to afford it. Pennsylvania is not immune from this serious issue, which is impacting many people. Those who are disabled and live in Pennsylvania may find it even more difficult to find affordable housing. This makes it even more important to know where to locate housing assistance for those who are disabled in Pennsylvania.

There are Pennsylvania housing assistance programs for those who are disabled. The programs will help people who have a low income to be able to locate affordable housing, as well as pay for their rent. Also, if you are a homeowner who is at risk for losing your home to foreclosure you may also be able to qualify for help to get you caught up, and stay in your home.

The programs that help provide housing assistance for the disabled in Pennsylvania are largely funded by the federal government. There are additional programs available through state and local funding, as well as some non-profit organizations. Be sure to reach out to any programs you feel you may qualify for in order to start the process to get housing assistance.

Pennsylvania Housing Assistance Programs for Disabled

Single Family Guaranteed Loan Program – This program will help provide those who are disabled with guaranteed home loans to purchase in a rural area in Pennsylvania. To qualify for the program you have to meet the low income requirements. You also have to personally occupy the home and have it be your primary residence. Additionally, the program is only available to those who are legal citizens of the country. Those who qualify will be able to get 100% of the cost of a loan to purchase, build, rehabilitate, or improve a home in a rural area. This program is great for those in Pennsylvania who need housing assistance and is open to opting for a rural area.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – The HUD program is available around the country, with an office in each state, including Pennsylvania. It’s a federally funded program that will help those who are disabled to ensure their housing needs are being met. To qualify for assistance you have to meet the low income requirements and be a legal citizen. Those who are qualified for the housing assistance can get help from their voucher program, which will help pay for your rent, or live in public housing for free. They also offer programs to help with weatherization and making home repairs. You can also be a homeowner who needs help avoiding foreclosure. They will also help you locate subsidized apartments in your area. To begin the application process, contact the HUD office in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency – This program will help with housing assistance for disabled. Their goal is to provide help to renters, home buyers, and help people to avoid foreclosure. They can provide help with locating and paying for affordable housing options, as well as providing help paying for housing bills, such as monthly energy bills and repairs. To qualify you will have to be a citizen and meet the low-income requirements. If you are disabled and want to purchase a home you may qualify for assistance through their programs.

Pennsylvania Habitat for Humanity – The mission of this organization, which has offices around the country, is to help people obtain their own homes. They will help with housing assistance for disabled people. Their program will provide people with a newly built home. You will have to show you have a need for financial assistance and you need to put in what they call “sweat equity.” This comes from you helping to build the home. Don’t let that scare you away if you are disabled, because you may still be able to do some things to help build the home. Additionally, you can get people from your community to volunteer to help build the home for you. Contact the organization to begin the application process.

The Pennsylvania housing assistance for disabled people will ensure that your needs are being met. Beyond that, you may qualify for help purchasing your own home. The programs will also help to get your bills paid, including things like heating and cooling, and they will help with home repairs. Whether you are a disabled person who needs help with renting or buying, the programs are available. Also, contact your local housing authority to see what assistance programs they have in place to help those who are disabled.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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