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Whether you are disabled or not having a good running vehicle is crucial to being more independent. Without having a vehicle you may find it more difficult to get around and feel that you have to keep asking others for help.

By having your own vehicle you can go where you want and do it when you need to.

The issue that many people have, however, is that vehicles can be costly. The good news is that there are disability grants for vehicles and you may be able to qualify for the assistance.

The price of vehicles has risen quite a bit in recent years, making it even more difficult for people to be able to purchase one.

Those who are disabled may find it even more challenging, too, because their income may be more restricted.

By applying for disability grants for vehicles you will be able to obtain the assistance you need when it comes to purchasing a car, or retrofitting yours to assist with your disability.


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Disability Grants for Vehicles – Apply Today


Joshua Harr Shane Foundation – This organization provides grants for those who are disabled, helping with a variety of issues.

They do help people with disability grants for vehicles. To qualify for their assistance you have to file the necessary paperwork and have a doctor sign off on it.

In addition to helping with grants that can be used for vehicles, they also help those who are disabled with grants for sports, special needs equipment, medical treatment, household bills, and more.

Braun Ability – This company provides disability grants for vehicles to help people with handicap and wheelchair issues.

They specialize in helping people with wheelchair van grants and handicapped vehicles.

They provide grants to those in the United States and Canada. Braun Ability is the leader in the country when it comes to wheelchair vehicles and mobility solutions. They offer wheelchair vehicles, wheelchair lifts, vehicle seating, and additional products to help those who are disabled.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation – This nonprofit organization offers a wide variety of grants for those who are disabled.

They do assist people with disability grants for vehicles, as well as for health and wellness, wheelchairs and other devices, emergency assistance, and more.

Their mission is to help people remain as independent as possible. Their transportation assistance grant will help with auto repairs, as well as help cover the costs for people to obtain transportation so that they can make their healthcare appointments. They accept online applications for their grant program.

Joni & Friends – This nonprofit organization helps those who are disabled in a variety of ways, including helping them with disability grants for vehicles.

The grants can be used toward purchasing a vehicle, as well as equipping it for your disability, or for mechanical repairs.

The organization is based in California, but they provide grant assistance to people around the country. They also provide information to help those who are disabled navigate their way toward obtaining help from other organizations.

Muscular Dystrophy Association – This organization helps people around the country with their MS needs.

They will provide disability grants for vehicles, help with access to wheelchairs and other equipment, and more. They will also help those who are disabled with obtaining medical equipment, service dogs, and the medical care that they need. Contact the organization to begin the process of applying for assistance.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation – Christopher Reeve, famous for his acting career, became paralyzed and then went on to ensure others received the help they needed. The organization helps those who are paralyzed.

You can apply for disability grants for vehicles, quality of life grants, and grants to help you get the equipment that you need. Each year they provide many people with grants that help with a variety of issues that impact those who are disabled. You can begin the application process online.

These are just some of the organizations that can help you with finding a vehicle. Please apply to all of these grants, so you increase your options to qualify.


How to Apply For a Vehicle Grant?


When applying for a vehicle grant, make sure you fill out the forms as instructed. Send over all of the documents that are being asked, we have seen people get denied for simply missing some documents, so please dont take this lightly.

Read the instructions carefully before applying for the grant, and if you need help, we recommend hiring someone for the task, or using a family member.

Furthermore, you can contact us, and our team will try to help with filling the grant application out.

If you need further financial assistance, we highly recommend applying for the $20,000 grant for disabled vets, (in case you are one) this grant have been easy to receive and qualify for.

Another great tip we can give you when applying, is to look for multpile grants. We try to locate all of the available ones, but we might miss some, so google is your friend.

Be sure to apply with multiple organizations to see which ones you can obtain a disability grant from for a vehicle. If you are able to get approved through multiple ones you may be able to combine the funds to purchase an even better vehicle. Disability grants for vehicles are offered through a variety of sources, including federal, state, and local organizations.

In addition to these organizations, be sure to check with those that are in your local area. Many churches and nonprofits have programs in place that will help with your transportation needs, as well as help with grants to purchase a vehicle or to have yours repaired.


Need Further Assistance? Here Are Your Options

We understand that disabled persons might have a more difficult time in paying bills, including rent, food, and even gas.

Please browse our website, we have many grants available that you can apply for, without any upfront cost.

If we can help in anyway, shoot us an email and we will do our best to do so.

Also, if you have found any scholarships and grants that aren’t available on our website, please contact us.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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