Housing Assistance for Disabled in Florida

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Florida, known as the Sunshine State, is a great place to live. One of the drawbacks, however, can be the rising cost of living. The housing prices continue to climb, making it more expensive to buy or rent a home. This may be a major challenge for those who are disabled living in the state. There is housing assistance for disabled in Florida, and those programs can help ensure that you have access to affordable housing options.

Whether you want to own a home or rent one there are housing assistance programs in the state of Florida that will help. The programs will provide help with paying your rent, avoiding foreclosure, and such things as paying the deposit so you can move into an apartment. Apply with several programs to see which ones will give you the best opportunity and help meet your needs and housing goals.

Keep in mind that where you live in the state of Florida is going to greatly impact housing costs. When you live near major cities, such as Miami or Tampa, the cost of renting an apartment or buying a home is much more expensive. The state is filled with smaller, more rural areas, which offer more affordable housing options for disabled people.

Housing Assistance Programs for Disabled in Florida

Dollar Homes – If you dream of owning a home but have a low income you may be able to purchase one for just $1 through a federal government program. The program takes homes that have a value of no more than $25,000 and they allow low income people to purchase them for just one dollar. To qualify for the program you have to meet the low income requirements. You will be limited to choosing a home from their list of options, but the program gives disabled and low income people the opportunity to become homeowners.

USDA Rural Development Program – This federally funded program will provide housing assistance for disabled in Florida. There is a stipulation that the housing must be in a rural area. If you don’t mind owning a home in a rural area, this program may help you do that. They provide the housing assistance to those in rural areas to buy or build a home, make repairs to their home, or refinance their current home to make the payments more affordable. Apply directly with the program to see if you meet the qualifications and get information about the rural areas in Florida that qualify.

Florida Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal program is available in every state, including Florida. The mission of HUD is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing, including those who are disabled in Florida. HUD offers multiple options to help with housing needs. Their Section 8 program will provide those who qualify with public housing where they can live for free. They also offer a voucher program, where you can choose where you want to live and they will help you pay for the rent. The place you choose has to meet their safety standards in order to qualify for the housing assistance. In addition to helping pay rent, they will also help buyers avoid foreclosure, and will provide weatherization services. To begin the process of getting housing assistance for disabled people in Florida, apply with the Florida HUD office.

Housing Authority – Major metropolitan areas in Florida offer a housing authority, which is an office that helps people find affordable housing and gives them access to housing assistance. The offices are located throughout the state. Contact the Orlando Housing Authority, Miami Dade Housing Authority, Tampa Housing Authority, Jacksonville Housing Authority, Ocala Housing Authority, and the Tallahassee Housing Authority for information on housing assistance for disabled in Florida. Each of these offices has access to programs that will help you pay your rent, purchase a home, avoid foreclosure, and make home repairs.

In addition to these programs and institutions exists to help people with housing needs. Their mission is to help you find affordable housing, pay rent, and avoid becoming homeless. They also have programs that will help you pay for your repairs, as well as your heating and cooling bills.

Be sure to contact these resources to see what type of housing assistance for disabled people are in your area. Also, reach out to your local city offices to what programs are available. Even small towns have government offices that have access to grant information to help people with their housing needs and paying their rent.

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