Housing Assistance for Families with a Disabled Child

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Having a disabled child may create some challenges that other families don’t have to face. There may be issues that take place with it being more difficult to earn a living, or there may be additional expenses that arise. People are increasingly finding the housing market to be difficult all around the country. The good news is that there is housing assistance for families with a disabled child.

When it comes to getting housing assistance for families with a disabled child, the programs will largely take the caregivers salary into account. If the minor child lives with parents, for example, then they will use the parents’ salary to determine if the family qualifies for the housing assistance.

The housing assistance programs are typically income based, which means that if you meet the low income requirements you should be able to get help. The programs will assist you with paying for rent, purchasing a home, and even making home repairs.

Housing Assistance Programs for Families with a Disabled Child

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – The largest housing assistance agency in the country is HUD. This is a federally funded program that helps people around the country. If you have a low income they will help you pay your rent, avoid foreclosure, and find affordable housing. Their programs include Section 8, which is public housing, and a voucher program. With the public housing program you would live in one of their government-owned units for free, while the voucher program will allow you to live anywhere and they will help you pay the rent. This program is open to helping with housing assistance for families with a disabled child. To apply for housing assistance, contact the HUD office in your state.

Habitat for Humanity – With offices around the country, this organization has a mission of helping people with their housing needs. Those who qualify for their housing assistance program will receive a newly built home. The program is open to those who need housing assistance for families with a disabled child, as well as anyone who has a low income. Those who are approved will have to put in “sweat equity” and help to build the house. This can be done with volunteers in your community. In addition to meeting the low income requirements, you will have to show that you can afford the house once you move in. Contact the Habitat for Humanity organization to start the application process.

Public Housing Authority – Public housing is typically units that are either owned by the government, where people can live rent free. In addition to the public housing units, the agency will also help people locate affordable housing, help them with rental assistance, and provide help with paying heating bills and making repairs. They will also help with housing assistance for families with a disabled child. Public Housing Authority offices are available in every state around the country. To start the application process, contact the agency in your state.

Good Neighbor Next Door – This federally funded program will help people purchase a home if they have a certain type of career. If you are someone who works in law enforcement, is a teacher, emergency medical technician, or a firefighter, then you may qualify for this housing assistance program. The program pays for half of the house for you, as long as you will agree to live in it for at least three years. The homes are typically in areas that are considered to be undergoing revitalization, so you will have to choose a home to purchase within that area. This is a good program for those parents who have a job in these fields and who also have a disabled child in the family.

Dollar Homes – This program will allow people who have a low income to purchase a home for just one dollar. The only stipulation is that you have to purchase one from their list, which are homes that were acquired through foreclosure and are all valued at less than $25,000. To qualify, you have to meet the low income requirements. This program is part of their revitalization efforts, which helps improve areas around the country.

There are additional resources for those who need housing assistance for families with a disabled child. Start by contacting your local city government offices. They often have information about grants that can be used to help pay for rent, avoid foreclosure, and pay for home-related bills, such as your energy bills.

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