Missouri Housing Assistance for Disabled

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Those who are disabled and living in the state of Missouri may need additional help obtaining and paying for housing. They may also need assistance with making their home disabled-friendly, and may not have the additional funds to pay for such retrofitting. The good news is that there are services that will help with Missouri housing assistance for disabled persons.

There are numerous organizations and programs that are in place to help with housing assistance for disabled persons in Missouri. Be sure to contact each program to see which ones you can get approval from. You may possibly be able to qualify for housing assistance from more than one organization, which will give you options or additional help.

Missouri Programs for Disabled Housing Assistance

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This is the main program that will help provide housing assistance for those who are disabled in the state of Missouri. HUD is a federally funded program that aims to ensure everyone has access to affordable housing. They have several programs that can help people, depending on your income and housing goals. They will help you pay for your rent through their voucher program, can provide public housing through their Section 8 program, or can help you avoid foreclosure if you are a homeowner who needs help. They will additionally help with weatherization services, which will help disabled homeowners to lower their monthly energy bills. To apply, you need to locate the HUD office within your state. Missouri has its own HUD office that will help disabled people with housing assistance.

Dollar Homes – This federally funded program will help disabled people in Missouri to purchase homes for just $1. The homes that are available are through them and they are ones that were acquired by the Federal Housing Administration. The homes were all acquired through foreclosure, and are not made available to people who have a low income. If you meet the low income requirements you will be able to purchase a home for just $1, but it will have to be one that is on their list of acquired homes. You will be able to see what options they have available and find one that will work for you. You can begin the housing search online to locate the homes that are available in their program.

Missouri Habitat for Humanity – This organization helps people who have a low income with obtaining housing. The homes are all built by people in the community who volunteer and want to help others in need. To qualify, you have to demonstrate a need for housing assistance, and you have to be able to afford the upkeep of the home after it is built. They also like the person receiving the home to help build it by putting in “sweat equity.” Being disabled, you may be limited on what you can do to help build the home, but there are likely things you can do to participate. You can also enlist your friends and family to help do the building. You can begin the application process online. 

DAEOC Community Action Agency – This organization will help provide housing assistance for the disabled in Missouri. They will help those who are homeless, in need of home repairs, and by providing weatherization services. There are DAEOC locations throughout Missouri. To begin the process of obtaining help, contact the location that is closest to you. In addition to housing assistance for the disabled, they provide additional services, including food programs, energy assistance, and childcare assistance.

USDA Rural Development Program – This program is offered through the United States Department of Agriculture and aims to help develop rural areas. The program will provide Missouri housing assistance for disabled persons who are interested in living in a rural area. Their programs will help with single-family homes, home repairs, and value-added grants in Missouri. Contact the program to see if rural homeownership will work for you and if you qualify for housing assistance.

In addition to these programs above, contact your local housing authority to see what options they can offer. There are often local programs that are available to help people with purchasing a home, paying their rent, or paying for repairs. Additionally, there are programs in place to help pay for housing bills once you are in a home, such as helping to pay for your home heating bills each month, obtaining free fans for the summertime, or helping to pay for heating system repairs.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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