Cash Assistance for Disabled People

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Those who are considered disabled may find it more difficult to earn a living. They may at times fall short in being able to pay their bills and have their basic needs met.

The good news is that there are programs available that will provide cash assistance for disabled people. Once you know about these programs it makes it easier to help ensure your needs are being met each month.

Programs that offer cash assistance for disabled people are available around the country. They are made possible by federal programs, state initiatives, and by non-profit organizations.

Some of the programs will provide you with ongoing cash assistance, while others may only provide a one-time payment to help with something specific, such as paying a bill. Be sure to check the requirements needed to qualify and follow the proper route to applying for cash assistance.

Can you get cash assistance while waiting for disability? (or while getting disability?)

This question keeps coming up so we thought we should address it before moving forward.

The answer is yes, you can get cash assistance while waiting for disability. You are also eligible for cash assistance if you are already getting a disability.

The two are not connected, even though many think that due to their disability assistance they are not eligible to get cash assistance, that is not the case.

Cash Assistance for Disabled Programs

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – This is a federal program that will provide you with money on a monthly basis. The funds that they provide to you are used to purchase food. There are limitations on what you can purchase with this cash assistance, but you can typically go to a grocery store and purchase most items. They provide you with a debit-style card that you use like cash to pay for your groceries.

This cash assistance is available to those who are disabled and meet the other eligibility requirements, which include meeting the low-income requirements. You can apply for this cash assistance program online.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – This cash assistance program specifically helps pay for your heating bills. If you need help paying for your heating bill you can apply for cash assistance and if you qualify they will provide the cash directly to the utility provider on your behalf. They will also help with crisis situations and may help with cooling costs in the summer.

This program will also provide the cash assistance to help purchase fans or make repairs to your heating cooling system. You can apply online for LIHEAP cash assistance for disabled people.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) – This cash assistance program is open to families, but in some states, they do offer financial help to those who are single.

Disabled people may qualify for this monthly cash assistance if they meet the low-income requirements. TANF, which is a federally funded program, provides people with cash each month that can be used to help pay for a variety of living expenses. You can apply for TANF online.

Catholic Charities – This organization helps people around the nation, including by giving cash assistance to disabled people. They will help with specific financial needs, such as providing boxes of food, helping to pay bills, and assisting people with obtaining things they need for daily living.

They have offices around the country, so you will want to apply with an office in your area. In addition to ongoing assistance, they will provide cash assistance during crisis situations.

Salvation Army – This non-profit organization has a mission of helping people have their basic needs met. They will provide cash assistance for those who are disabled, including helping with such thing as food, housing, disaster relief, rehabilitation, and more.

They have locations around the country, so you will want to find a location that is close to you and contact them for cash assistance. The Salvation Army also routinely provides people with hot meals and helps the homeless with a shelter.

American Red Cross – This non-profit organization is known to help people around the country. While they are mainly known for providing help during disaster situations, they will provide cash assistance at other times as well.

They provide cash assistance to help with getting basic needs met, obtaining food, and more. You can submit a request for cash assistance online.

United Way – This organization will help provide cash assistance for disabled people around the country. They help people with a variety of issues, including obtaining food, paying for healthcare costs, and obtaining the things that you need to live.

They have offices around the nation, so you can use their system to find one near you to contact.

You should also be able to locate additional cash assistance programs that will help those who are disabled by reaching out to organizations in your community.

Many non-profit organizations and churches will provide people with cash assistance to help with transportation, obtaining medical equipment, paying a bill, obtaining boxes of food, and more.

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