California Housing Assistance for Disabled

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California has one of the highest cost of living records in the nation. Those who live there are aware of the struggle there is to find affordable housing. This is especially true for those who have a low income, or who are disabled. The good news is that there are California housing assistance programs for disabled people, which will help ensure they have access to an affordable place to live.

While California may be an expensive state to live in, it is also one that ensures there are financial assistance programs to help meet basic needs. If you are in need of housing assistance for disabled in California you are in luck. There are programs that will help you find affordable housing, pay your rent, and even avoid foreclosure if you are a struggling homeowner.

In addition to these California housing assistance programs for disabled people there are also programs that will help with home repairs and weatherization. The weatherization services are important, because they will lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

California Housing Assistance Programs for Disabled

USDA Rural Development – This program is through the national government and will help pay for your housing if you build in a rural community. They provide disabled people with the opportunity to buy, build, repair, or save a home in a rural area in California. This is a good program that will help those who are disabled who have a low income. You have to be willing to live in a rural area, but you may be able to obtain a home for doing so. To qualify, you have to have a low income and be a legal citizen. You can apply with the Rural Development office.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal program has a mission of ensuring everyone in the country has access to affordable housing. Their programs are open to those in California who need housing assistance for disabled people. They have several different programs that will help with housing assistance, including ones that will help you pay rent through a voucher program, avoid foreclosure, and will provide you with a public housing unit to live in for free. You do have to meet the low income requirements in order to receive housing assistance. You can contact the California HUD office to begin the application process.

California Housing Finance Agency – This organization provides housing assistance for disabled and low income people in the state of California. They will help with mortgage relief grants, down payment assistance to purchase a home, and loan programs to purchase a home. They will also provide financial relief and assistance programs for both renters and buyers. They have helped create tens of thousands of affordable housing units, and have helped over 200,000 homebuyers in the state.

Section 8 – If you are disabled and have a low income you may qualify for the Section 8 housing assistance program in California. The program includes the government owning housing units that they allow people to live in for free. You will have to be open to where the units are located and have a low income. You may also be able to qualify for the voucher assistance program, which will allow you to live where you want and it will help pay for your rent.

Dollar Homes – While it may seem too good to be able to purchase a home for just $1, it really is a program offered by the government. They obtain numerous homes through foreclosure and then allow those who qualify to purchase them for just $1. The Dollar Homes program will allow those who have a low income and are disabled to purchase a home for just one dollar. You can use the search tool to locate homes in your city and around the state of California.

California Habitat for Humanity – This program helps people all around the country. The mission is to help those in need to have a new home. The building of the home takes place by community volunteers, as well as the person who the home will be going to. Those who are disabled may still be able to do some tasks to help build the home. To qualify, you have to have a low income, put in some “sweat equity” to help build the home, and be able to afford having it once it’s ready for move in. You can get people in your community to help with the building of the home. Contact the California Habitat for Humanity office to begin the application process.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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