Housing Assistance for Disabled in Alabama

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Being disabled has challenges that may make it more difficult for people to work steadily and make a good income. This can lead to it being difficult to afford housing. Those who are disabled in Alabama still need to have access to affordable housing, even if they have a low income. The good news is that there is housing assistance for disabled people in Alabama.

The housing assistance for those who are disabled in the state of Alabama helps with a variety of issues. The programs will help you pay your rent, avoid foreclosure, find affordable housing, and even pay for your monthly heating and cooling bill. If you meet the low income requirements that the programs have you should be able to get assistance with meeting your housing needs.

Housing Assistance for Disabled in Alabama

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – The federal government has created the HUD program to help people with housing needs around the country, including providing housing assistance for disabled people in Alabama. There are several ways that HUD provides assistance for those in the state, including helping to pay rent, avoid foreclosure, and with public housing. Those who qualify for public housing, or Section 8, will be allowed to live free of charge in a government-owned housing unit. They also offer to help pay your rent through a voucher program, which will allow you to live wherever you choose to, as long as it meets their safety standards. They will also help people with weatherization services and home repairs. To qualify for housing assistance you have to meet the low income requirements.

Public Housing Agency – There are agencies all around the state of Alabama that focus on public housing. Their mission is to help people find affordable housing and get help with paying their rent. You will need to show that you meet the low-income requirements, do not have a lot of assets, and have a need for housing assistance. Use their map to locate a Public Housing Agency in Alabama that is near you. Apply directly with your local agency to get housing assistance for disabled people.

Dollar Homes – If you have an interest in purchasing a home, but feel they cost too much or your income is too low, you may still be in luck. The federal government has a program called Dollar Homes, which allows low-income people to buy a home for just $1. All of the homes in the program have been acquired through foreclosure and are valued at less than $25,000. This program is open to those who are disabled in Alabama and in need of housing assistance. You will have to choose the house from their availability list, but you will be buying it for just one dollar.

USDA Rural Homes – If you are interested in living rurally in Alabama you may qualify for help to have a free home. The federal government offers a housing assistance program in Alabama that will help disabled and low-income people to have a home. They help you buy a home or build one, as long as it is in a rural area. They will also help cover the cost of home repairs for those who live in rural areas. Apply with the program to learn more about the rural areas near you that qualify for assistance.

Alabama State Veterans Home Program – If you are a disabled veteran who lives in Alabama and in need of housing assistance you may qualify for this program. Offered through the state government, the program helps disabled veterans to obtain housing assistance. The units they offer are in group settings that provide you with all the help required to meet your basic needs. They will also help provide you with nursing care, dietary services, and social services. Contact the program to see which of their home programs has openings and that you would qualify for.

In addition to these programs, contact your local city government offices. Many of them have a housing division that will help people in the community to locate affordable housing. They also regularly have programs in place that will provide housing assistance for disabled people, including helping to pay rent, and pay monthly heating bills. If you need short term housing assistance, such as a place to stay, or help catching up your rent, you can also reach out to your local churches. Many offer assistance programs that will help keep people from becoming homeless.

Help other disabled people by sharing!

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