Short Term Disability in Alabama

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There are many reasons people may need short-term disability in Alabama, but most of them come down to an injury or accident.

When someone experiences an injury or accident that prevents them from being able to do their normal workload, they may suffer financially.

It is important during this time that they get financial help through short-term disability programs, so they can ensure their basic needs are being met.


Short term disability programs have been designed to help you bridge the gap during times that you need financial help. Most of the time they tend to have a limited amount of time that you can receive the assistance, but it’s usually enough time to ensure that you are able to recover from your injury or illness and get back to working full time.


You are not limited to apply for only one or two short term disability programs in Alabama.

You can apply for and receive funds from all of those that you feel you are qualified for and can get approval from.

You can apply for many of the programs online, or contact them for more information regarding how to submit an application. There are programs offered through the state, and those that are federally funded that will help you through the financially challenging period.


How to Apply to Short Term Disability in Alabama


Alabama Department of Labor

The state of Alabama does offer a short term disability program that is open to residents. This program is for those who have sustained an injury on the job and need short term disability as a result.

The process involves first reporting the injury, completing the report about what happened, and then submitting the claim to receive short term disability.

The amount of short term disability that someone receives through the program is just over 66% of their earnings per week. You can apply for this program online.


The University of Alabama

The University offers their own short term disability program for employees. The school employs over 45,000 employees throughout the state. The benefit pays 60% of your salary, but is not to exceed $1,000 weekly.

There is a limit to how long you can receive funds from this program, which is 76 days. You can apply for this program online. You can also apply for additional programs below if you feel you need the assistance.


Other Helpful Programs That May Assist You 


Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

When it comes to experiencing a short term dip in income, you may find that one of the most difficult bills to pay is your housing.

HUD offers programs to help you during this time.

They will provide assistance with paying for rent, avoiding foreclosure, and will provide you with access to affordable housing options.

The programs offered through this federally funded program will also pay for necessary repair bills, such as those that impact your heating and cooling units. You can apply for HUD assistance online or at your local branch office.


Family Assistance Program

This program is similar to those called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in other states. The goal of the program is to provide short term financial assistance to families in need.

If you qualify for the program you will receive a monthly cash payment that can be used to pay for any of your living expenses. This includes using the funds to pay for food, housing, bills, transportation, etc.

To qualify for the program, you have to have at least one minor child in the home that you are providing for and the child must be a U.S. citizen or legal non-citizen.

The amount that you receive is determined by how many dependents there are in the home. For example, if the family has four people in the home, the standard payment is $245 per month.

You can apply for the Family Assistance Program in Alabama in person at your local social services office.


Apply for Food Stamps in Alabama

This program provides the funds for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the state. It will provide those who qualify with funds to purchase food each month.

There is no limit to how long you can receive Food Assistance, but you will need to meet the low income requirements to continue getting it long term. A review of your income will be conducted every six months.

If you are approved for this short term disability program you will get a debit card that can be used to purchase groceries each month. You can apply in person at a Food Assistance office near your home.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This program renews each year, so using it short term during times of financial difficulty will work out fine. Those who are approved for the program will receive help paying for their heating or cooling bill.

You have to show that you are the person responsible for paying for the energy bill, and that you have a low income at the time. If approved, they will send the funds directly to the energy provider and your bill will be credited.

You do have to apply for this program each season, so if you need it longer term you will need to re-apply again. There is an agency in each county of Alabama, and you will apply with the one in your county.


Salvation Army

While this is not a short-term disability program in Alabama, they do offer programs that can help you during that difficult time. The Salvation Army has locations around the state and they provide services to help those in need of financial assistance.

Some of the help they provide includes hot meals, boxes of food, transportation vouchers, and help paying small bills. They do not typically have a strict policy for applying for assistance.

Rather it is open to those who need the help.

To see what types of services are available in your area, locate the Salvation Army location near you. Contact them to see what type of short term disability financial help they can provide.


What Does Short-term disability in Alabama pay?

Typically, short-term disability will cover 40-70% of your salary. 

In other words, if you earned a salary of $1000 a month, you could be eligible for $500-700 on short term disability, depending on your coverage, if you have any.


The Bottom Line

If you suffered an injury and are in need of short term disability and financial assistance, use the resources we have provided in this article.

While applying can be a daunting process, it will be worth it when you get approved.

We hope that you will recover soon and pray for your health!

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