Grants for Disabled in Montana

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Montana has a variety of programs that provide grants to help people during difficult financial times. The programs will help to ensure that basic needs are being met. The grants for disabled in Montana will help pay for such bills as food, housing, and utility bills. Obtaining the cash assistance can help you if you have a short term challenge, as well as one that lasts longer.


Grants are not loans; therefore they never have to be paid back. If you are given grants to help pay your bills you will be able to meet your basic needs and not worry about having to give the funds back at some point. You can apply for as many of the programs that you feel you qualify for. Most programs will require that you meet the low income and asset guidelines, as well as be in the country legally.


Grants for Disabled in Montana


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – With housing often being the most expensive bill that people face, HUD is there to help. This federal program will help with paying rent, avoiding foreclosure, and providing people with free public housing. They also help with essential home repairs, as well as providing weatherization services, which will help reduce your monthly utility bills. The goal of HUD is to reduce homelessness and help everyone find affordable housing.


Energy Assistance Program – This program will provide grants for disabled in Montana that are used to help pay for utility bills. The program will help pay for heating and cooling bills, water bills, and weatherization services. Approval for a grant to pay your utility bills is determined by your income and assets. The programs are available to both homeowners and renters. You can apply for a utility grant each year that you need the help paying the bill. If approved, the grant will be given to the utility provider on your behalf.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – Formerly referred to as food stamps, this federally funded program will provide people with food each month. If you are approved they will give you a debit card that can be used as the payment source at the grocery store. The amount of your grant is determined by how many people are in your household. To qualify, you have to have a low income and be a legal citizen or legal non-citizen.


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) – This program provides cash grants for disabled in Montana. The cash can be used to meet your basic needs, including purchasing food, pay rent and bills, for transportation, etc. To qualify, you have to have a low income, and have at least one minor child you are providing for. The grant amount varies, depending on the number of dependents in the home. The standard payment for having one dependent is around $347 per month.


Montana Lifeline – This government funded program provides people who have a low income with a phone. This means that you will essentially be getting a grant to pay for your monthly cellular bill. Those who are approved for the program will receive a free Smartphone, as well as get free unlimited texting and talking all month long. To qualify, you have to have a low income.


Medicaid – This program will help pay for your medical bills, including to go to the doctor’s office, hospitalization, specialty doctors, dental care, prenatal care, and prescription drugs.  They will even pay for the transportation to your appointments. Those who are approved will be able to see medical professionals and the bill will be paid by the Medicaid program. To qualify, you have to have a low income and be a legal citizen.


Help other disabled people by sharing!

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