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Many Kansas residents need financial assistance at times, regardless of the reason.

You may need help for a short period of time so that they can ensure their basic needs are being met.

The good news is that there are numerous short term disability resources in Kansas that you can turn to during that time. The programs have been designed to help people during short periods of time when they need financial assistance to make ends meet.

If you are one of those who need to apply for short-term disability, due to a sudden injury or illness, keep reading.

The short-term disability programs in Kansas will help in a variety of ways, including purchasing food, helping pay for housing, and even provide you with cash.

The cash assistance can be used to pay for any living expenses that you may have.

The programs are typically funded by the federal and state governments, although some local organizations also help provide short term financial relief.


There is no limit to how many programs you can receive help from, so be sure to apply for all the short term disability programs you feel you are qualified for.

The more you are approved for; the better off you will be in being able to keep your bills paid while you recover from an injury, accident, or other issue.


The state of Kansas does not offer a state-funded short term disability program.

This is unlike many other states in the country that do offer such programs.

Which means that people who need short term financial assistance in the state will need to apply for the federal Social Security disability program, or the programs below, which will help meet their monetary needs during the time frame they need help.


Short Term Disability Resources in Kansas


Below are the list of programs that are currently available for you, in case you need to apply for short term disability.

We recommend bookmarking this page, as we will keep it updated when we find new relevant disability grants and cash assistance in Kansas.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


This program will help ensure your housing needs are being met.

The goal of the program is to help keep people from becoming homeless.

They do this by providing help with paying for you rent, help you avoid foreclosure, or provide you with access to government-owned housing.

They also have a program to help people locate affordable housing options in their area. HUD will also help with paying for necessary housing repairs, such as the air conditioner, heating unit, etc. You can apply for help online or at your local HUD office.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


This program used to be called food stamps and is funded by the federal government. There is no limit to how long you can receive help through SNAP.

The program will help pay for your groceries each month, as long as you meet the requirements to be approved. To qualify, you have to have a low income.

The amount you will receive each month depends on how many people live in your home. If approved, you will receive a debit card that is electronically loaded each month with funds that can be used to pay for food at the store. You can apply for SNAP online or in person at your local social services office.


Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)


If you need short term assistance paying for your heating or cooling bill, this is the program you will want to apply for. This program helps people who have a low income by paying for their energy bills.

If you are approved for the program, they will send the funds directly to the energy provider on your behalf.

To qualify, you have to be the person responsible for paying the energy bill, and meet the low income requirements. The amount you receive is influenced by the household income, number of people living in the home, what type of dwelling it is, and the type of heating fuel that is used. You can apply for LIHEAP online or in person.


Cash Assistance


In many states this program is referred to as General Assistance.

The Cash Assistance program in Kansas will provide short term disability assistance to those who meet the qualifications. The amount you receive in cash assistance is influenced by how many dependents you have and what county you live in.

The cash can be used to pay for any of your living expenses, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. You can apply for this program online or in person at your local social services office.


Successful Families Program


This program is often referred to as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in other states.

It is a federally funded program that will provide you with a monthly cash payment to help meet your basic needs. To qualify for the program you have to have at least one minor child that you are providing for in the home.

This program is offered short term, with a limit of how long you can receive help from it to 24 months.

The cash assistance amount is determined by how many dependents there are in the home and what county you live in. You can apply for this program online or in person. You will have to meet the low income requirements and supply all necessary documentation in order to be approved.



If you need help paying for medical bills in Kansas, you may qualify for Medicaid.

The program will help pay for all of your medical expenses for as long as you meet the financial qualifications for the program. To be approved you have to have a low income.

It is also open to those who have a disability, are blind, pregnant, etc.

If approved, you will have access to free healthcare, including paying for seeing a specialist, primary care doctors, prescription medications, eye doctors, dentists, and much more.

From hospital stays to primary care visits, all medical bills are paid for through the Medicaid program if you meet the requirements to be approved. You can apply for this program online or at your local social services department.


Catholic Charities

This organization provides a range of services to help those in need meet their basic needs.

They will help with providing food, transportation, clothing, etc.

Make sure you contact a few of them to increase your odds of getting the help you need.

Here is a list of a few popular Charities in Kansas

While these are the most popular charity organizations in Kansas, we are sure there are many other, small organizations that we’re not aware of.

Please contact us and let us know if you should we missed any.

Most of these organizations will gladly help you if you are disabled or looking for short term disability assistance.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas – 

We thought its worth mentioning the importance of disability insurance.

Blue cross blue shield is an insurance program that protect you and your loved ones, in case of a work-related injury.

If god forbid something happens, you will get compensated for the lost wages.

The insurance is specific to Kansas state, and only residents can apply.


Bottom Line

We hope you will get back to work soon (if you are able to) and pray for your good health.

Please make sure you contact us if you need any other help or if we can do anything for you.

Also, if its not too much to ask, please share this page via social media so we can help other Kansas residents with getting what they deserve.


Help other disabled people by sharing!

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