How to Get a Free Bed as a Disabled Person

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Free Beds, Furniture and Housing  for People with Disabilities

As a disabled person, you may get into a tricky situation, financially.

For most people with disabilities, it is harder to find work, and with inflation on the rise in the USA, it literally can happen to anyone.

Maybe you are already homeless, as per the statistic, there are over half a million homeless people in the US, and many of them are disabled people.

We did some research so we can find the best options for disabled people in terms of free furniture, beds, and housing.

By the way, if you’re in need of financial help, make sure you apply to the $20,000 disability grant, we’ve recei free housing and a bed to sleep in. We have gotten many emails from our readers that got approved for it recently.




Free Beds and Furniture For Disabled People

If you already have a roof over your head, and all you need is extra help with furniture, we have good news for you.

There are both governmental and private organizations that are offering grants, designed to give you a free bed, and in some cases, help with furnishing your entire house.

Apply to the grants below, and we hope you will get approved soon. Make sure you fill these out completely, so you will not get your application denied.

  1. Furniture For Families – this program is actively assisting families of people with disabilities and non-disabled people that are in the lower income tier, with getting free furniture. The application process is easy and free, and the organization’s mission is to help families furnish their house, completely for free.
  2. Amvets Donations Org‘s goal is to help disabled veterans who helped our country, with free beds, furniture, and home-related items that you might need. If you happened to get injured during your military service or are a disabled vet, definitely check them out.
  3. Love Inc Organization helps people in financial need with a free bed to sleep on. They claim that their mission is specifically helping people with disabilities of all sorts, so we highly encourage you to apply.
  4. Hud Disabled Vouchers – this federal program is designed to give you a free voucher (free money) so you can buy your own bed, car, food or medicine. You are free to use the money for any purchase or bill you might need, and its very easy to get accepted, so we highly recommend applying.
  5. The Salvation Army – You have probably heard of the great salvation army, but did you know that they also offer free furniture and beds for people in need? Whether you are disabled or enabled, you should apply and if you are in need.
  6. Facebook Marketplace is another good place to find free beds and furniture, especially if you are disabled. While this isn’t specifically a grant, we have received many emails from our readers, asking us to share this tip. On the facebook marketplace, there are many mattresses, beds, and furniture given away completely for free, as donations. Make sure you browse it if you are in need.
  7. The DAV – Disability Veteran Charity organization, aims to help disabled veterans who served our country, with any thing they need, including, free household items.


Homeless Shelters for Disabled People

If you are suffering from homelessness, and a bed simply won’t help you, there are other options.

Below are some programs that provide housing for people with both physical and mental disabilities.

Your odds of getting in as a disabled veteran are a little higher but you should apply regardless.

These are all free to apply and definitely worth the time, as these can be life-changers for you.

If you need further assistance with housing, check out our directory, we have these sorted out by the state that you live in, as these are state-specific programs in most cases.

Please stay strong and we send prayers your way, and hope that you will see better days soon!


Other Financial Assistance Programs 

There are many vouchers and financial assistance programs, or free money for disabled people as we call it, and you can pretty much do whatever you want with that money.

Browse our website and be patient, there are many options for you, that can help you. If you are in need of housing specifically, check out our state-specific directory. If you need help with buying food, there are food vouchers that you are eligible for as a disabled person.

Need a new car? there are grants available for you. The same goes for dental bills, in case you need any help with that as well.

Our point is, there are ways for you to get assistance. And we need you to know that.

Being disabled can be discouraging at times, we know that firsthand, but do not give up. Together, we will find help for you, and put you on the right path, if you would let us.


The Bottom Line 

This sums up the list of grants we could find for a free bed, furniture, and household items for people with disabilities.

We will make sure to update this list, as new organizations and programs offer help, so make sure to save this page and check it out every few months.

The application process for most these grants are simple and brief, but if you need help with that, feel free to shoot as an email, we have volunteers that would love to help you.

We hope that your situation will get better soon, and definitely realize how hard it is to live in this country as a disabled person.

Other than the physical difficulties you’re having to go through on a day-to-day basis, there are financial hardships as well. We pray for all of disabled people and have started this nonprofit in order to help as many of us as we can.

If you chose to rent vs buying a house, and you need help with paying your rent, check out this post.

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