3 Best Disability Lawyers in Springfield, Missouri

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How to find the Best Disability Lawyer in Springfield, MO


best disability lawyer springfield mo


When you need a disability lawyer it means there is something that has happened to you that has led to a lot of pain and suffering.

Your life has been altered and you need a way to get the compensation required to continue taking care of yourself. In order to make that happen there is a good chance you need to hire a disability lawyer.

The good news is that it is not difficult to find the best disability lawyers in Springfield, Missouri.

If you do need to work with a disability lawyer there is no reason to go with anyone but the best.

You may think that going with a lawyer who charges lower rates is the better way to go.

While that could save you a little money upfront, it could cost you a lot of money long term.

The best disability lawyers in Springfield will help ensure that you get the most amount of money, and they will likely get it to you quicker, saving you from going through appeals.

When it comes to hiring a disability lawyer to work with, always start with a free consultation.

During that time you can ask questions about your disability benefits and the probability of getting your case approved.

You can also test the attorney’s knowledge and see if he is qualified to handle your case.


When you leave that initial consultation you will have a gut instinct as to whether or not that should be the lawyer you hire.

Always do your investigating first, to ensure it will be a good fit, so you do not have regrets later.


Top 3 Disability Lawyers in Springfield, MO


Krebs Law Firm

The founder of this law firm was born and raised in Springfield and cares about the people who live there.

He opened the firm in 2002 and since then has helped many people with their disability cases. He was personally asked to take over disability cases by a judge who handles them when the judge was moving out of state. He was chosen because of his knowledge and successful track record for handling disability cases.


This law firm has earned a great reputation over the years for their dedication to helping people win their cases.

They also try to keep the information simple to understand, so that people are not confused by legal jargon.

They are well experienced, do not charge any fees unless they win the case, and they offer a free consultation.

To get more information and schedule a free consultation, click here.


Aaron Sachs Associates

This highly rated firm has three locations, making it convenient for you to visit them and use their services.

Their team has won over $400 million for their clients and has a successful track record of helping their clients win disability cases.

Their team of lawyers has over 235 years of experience collectively. This firm has handled over 10,000 disability cases in the state, making them well experienced.


Those who need the best disability lawyers in Springfield cannot go wrong with working with this firm.

They are committed to going above and beyond to help their clients win their case and get the financial relief that they need and are entitled to.

They offer a free consultation and they do not charge any fees unless you win the case. To get more information and schedule a free consultation, click here.


Parmele Law Firm


This law firm specializes in handling disability cases and has helped many people win theirs.

Their team has decades of experience working on the cases and helping clients get financial relief.

They are part of a network of 28 offices that work on disability cases exclusively.

They can help people win their case even if they have been denied and need to appeal the decision.

This law firm has a team of 17 lawyers and they are well experienced in what it takes to win disability cases. They are also dedicated to having and showing compassion for their clients.

This law firm offers free consultations and does not charge a fee unless you win the case.

During the consultation, they will provide a free case evaluation.

They provide a list of frequently asked questions on their website that may be helpful in determining what your next move should be to keep your case moving along.

They are happy to answer additional questions, so you feel comfortable with hiring them to work on your case.  To get more information and schedule a free consultation with Parmele Law Firm, click here.



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